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Hey there! My name is Landry and this is my “blog”. I use the term “blog” pretty loosely since it’s been ages at this point since my last post. This site is really just an archive for my past class writing assignments, starting with a course on Twentieth-Century Russia. That should help explain why the majority of my posts are based around the Soviet Union, not because I am in fact a Red . . .

If you’re finding this, it must mean you are 1) one of my professors or 2) someone who has looked over my resume. I figured since I have my own website, which not many people can say they do, I might as well slap it on my resume for prospective employers to view at their own leisure.

Not that it would help my case in hiring, I am a Marketing major after all, and only dabble in the humanities as a hobby. But maybe a future boss of mine might share some of the same interests, wishful thinking I know.

Anyway, whosoever visiting feel free to stay awhile and read some of my past efforts! Can’t guarantee you’ll be attracted to the subject, but know that they were loads of fun to write and research and I take great pride in that matter.

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