Stalin for Time: A Soviet Conversation

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Introduction [предисловие]

Hello, my name’s Landry Henderson! This is just a little section about me and my past experiences that led me to this course. I’m from a small county in central Virginia called Powhatan, about 30 miles west of Richmond. Interestingly enough I’m a marketing major, but working on a minor in history because I just wanted some more classes in the subject. History has fascinated me since my freshman year in high school, and it actually started with a teacher who was born in the Soviet Union believe it or not (shout-out to Mrs. Maria Newby over at Powhatan High School)! She came to the U.S. from Kiev, Ukraine with a specific focus on Russian history, but ended up teaching AP World History and other high school level courses here in the States. Anyway, this is my blog for Soviet History 3644! Feel free to comment with utmost honesty and thought-provoking opinions/insight so we can help each other learn this fascinating period in Russian and world history.

Доверяй, но проверяй [Trust, but verify]


Yeah yeah yeah, I know. “Who does this guy think he is?” I’m a college student, and not a very impressive one at that. However, I felt like this would be some pretty good marketing for my site, so bear with me. After all, I AM a marketing major.

A quick rundown of the award categories: the “Red Star” is the highest individual honor a blog post can be given, and is displayed accurately on the Mother Blog (link below). If a post is submitted to the “Comrade’s Corner”, it means it showed more than adequate proficiency in delivery and overall quality of content. For a post to be selected to the “Greatest Hits”, it must have proved the test of time (a semester; three months) and is an homage to how well-liked those posts were by the class.

Three-Time “Red Star” Award Winner: “Three Nil: The Island Monastery”; “Shock Value of Success: Rebel to the Grain”; “It Was the End of the World as We Knew It (And Did We Feel Fine?)”

“Comrades Corner” Entry: “State of Play: Soviet Olympic Dominance”

Two-Time Feature in “Greatest Hits”: “Shock Value of Success: Rebel to the Grain” and “It Was the End of the World as We Knew It (And Did We Feel Fine?)

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